Our Beef

This is as natural and humane as it gets.

Our cattle are raised on the ranch and supplemented with 100% all-natural grains, minerals, and protein. We
rotate graze. We continuously look for ways to improve the quality of our grass and maintain healthy cattle. We strive for organic alternatives for fertilizer including liquid fertilizer (Rabbit Tea) from a local rabbit farm. I like it because it is all natural, it helps stimulate the root system of the grass and gives us good results in establishing a foundation for the grass we produce.

Like many ranchers will tell you, the quality of your cattle is predicated on the quality of land they graze.

  • We put out free choice minerals mixed with a little cottonseed meal for our cattle. Free choice minerals are very important for the health of cattle.
  • We raise and purchase top quality hay that is clean and tests high in protein.
  • Healthy cattle start with a good feeding program. We supplement with 100% all natural grain when we finish off.
  • We don’t use any hormones.
    Good natural nutrition makes a huge difference in how we care for the animals and quality of feed they eat from the time they are born and up until they are harvested or go back into the cow-calf operation.