Ranching History

There's so much history in these acres.

The ranch started with our parents, Preston and Jean Stuart (Grandy and Mimi) buying 85 acres over 50 years ago. It included an 1890’s farm house. I remember when we spent our first night there after they bought the place. The only livable space was the den area and it needed a lot of work. It was cold so Daddy built a fire in the old stove. The roof leaked and the beds were in the den area. Mother remodeled a few years later. She had an architect redesign it as a Victorian style home. That was the beginning of the ranch.

Over the years, they acquired land adjacent to the main ranch and accumulated approximately 630 acres. Dad originally ran a small dairy, about 50 cows. There were a lot of small dairies back then, but over the years the small dairies closed. At that point, he decided to get into the cow calf operation, something our family had been in originally. We’ve been in the cow calf operation ever since. When Mother and Dad passed away, they left my brothers, Mike, Craig and I a great ranch to continue to manage.

Our family is a Christian family based on Biblical principles, Dad was a Baptist minister that pastored several churches in the Dallas area and traveled often as an Evangelist. Mother a long time educator both as an elementary teacher and principal. Our ranch began with this Christian influence and is the foundation the ranch is built upon; based on biblical principles instilled in us as a family. That foundation will forever guide us, it’s fundamental to our integrity and ethics that we demand in our business. We are three generations of cattlemen. Both of our grandparents on my Mom and Dad’s side of the family were cattlemen, and my uncles on both sides of the family were cattlemen. The cattle business has been in our family for generations. It’s just part of the family fabric. We love the business and we love our cattle. My brother Craig and I continue the tradition today.